fasting people

fasting people

Anarchism in the capital market because capitalists do not obey restrictions. Religion became business and religious inequality have collapsed in the social system. Thieves have become contractors of death. Those who do not know the meaning of ritual policy are now the parents of politics. When unjust tyranny and adultery are transgressed, curses fall from the sky, the water is poisoned, the air is heated. In today’s world, millions of people do not get food during Sehri and fasting people do not get enough water to break their fast. The tears of those fasting people are creating a sea of ​​sorrow for many. O Lord of the Worlds, your world is wide and we worship you, ensure our safety, please make us with adequate food. O The Ever-Forgiving, we fast for your satisfaction. Forgive us, be content with us. O Allah, you said, You are the Creator and Advocate of all, and no calamity befalls without your permission, and you guide those who believe in you. O Allah guide us to the right path, Amen.

© Mohammed Abdulhaque

উপন্যাস সমগ্র

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