Not only by fortune but Muslims are also virtuous by virtue and wise by common sense. Islam teaches humanism to human beings. Muslims are monotheistic, pacifist and faithful. Muslims always strive to please Allah. Unity is the source of strength and peace for Muslims. In front of hungry and thirsty Muslims, water and food of others are invisible objects. Muslims are meritorious and does not cause distress to anyone by deliberately destroying their honour and wealth. Muslims strive for self-purification. Muslims protest against unjust oppression to ensure the safety of neighbours and relatives. But the present world is full of betrayers. Injustice is a daily occurrence. The rogues are killing orphans for influence. We must remember, men are social creature and altruism is part of our duty. To be successful in life, we have to stop ill tactics and pilferage and practice virtues. Religion must be given importance to be endowed with natural qualities.

© Mohammed Abdulhaque

উপন্যাস সমগ্র

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