Purity and perfection

[ ] The earth is being destroyed by the influence of selfishness, and earthlings are unaware of that. Many do not know the difference between death and suicide. What is happening now is suicidal.

[ ] O communists, you sing feminist songs about equality and freedom. But the bitter truth is, there is great inequality among you. You control women for power, you torture women for entertainment.

[ ] The farther we stray from religion, the closer religion is to us. We despise religion, but religion makes us wise. After being embarrassed and humiliated, we realise that religion protects us.

[ ] Maybe, foolishly or knowingly, we are hastening death. Eventually, everything will end. Even the strongest will stop breathing. Those in power will also be powerless. No one will be saved from death.

[ ] The earth is thirsty for human blood and greed is making us kill one another. We are too greedy to understand that we are mortal and death is waiting for us.

[ ] We are born to die, yet we forget that we are mortal. We die desperate for wealth and power. By hating kindness we are ruthless, and by avoiding responsibility we have become irresponsible.

[ ] The unscrupulous kill the helpless and the conscientious stand silent. If it continues like this, humanity will disappear from human beings. The righteous do not kill the innocent. Those who kill are irreligious.

[ ] Purity is essential for self-perfection and self-improvement. Everyone dies in their sleep. Purity and perfection are gained by repenting before going to sleep. Only the righteous strive for improvement and prosperity.

© Mohammed Abdulhaque

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