Religion is for peace. Religion disciplines people and educates them by explaining the difference between truth and falsehood. Only the black-hearted find fault with religion in everything. In order to humiliate religion, the unrighteous say whatever they want and set irrational examples. Fanatics only see what they want to see. Hypocrites and irreligious are the enemies of peace. They produce unrest by sprinkling the water of peace. It is very easy to say, but it is very hard to practice religion. How many people know the meaning of the words virtue and vice and vilest of the vile? It should be kept in mind that the pious don’t annihilate and no one has ever been able to become pious through dramatic deeds. There is no self-control in charms and incantations and one can not become saintly through unjust oppression. He who blasphemes religion is an apostate and his blaspheming does not defame the religion. Religion isn’t a matter of sports competition or ridicule. Religion is a very serious matter. Religion must be respected, otherwise human theology will be naked.

© Mohammed Abdulhaque

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