Others’ yawning makes us yawn,
Others’ laughter makes us laugh,
Then why do we envy the happiness of others?

অন্যের হাই উঠলে আমাদের হাই উঠে,
অন্যরা হাসলে আমাদের হাসি পায়,
তাইলে অন্যের সুখে কেন আমাদের হিংসা হয়?

© Mohammed Abdulhaque

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About Me

My name is Mohammed Abdulhaque. I was born in Bangladesh and brought up in England. I left school at sixteen and started to work. In the beginning, it was only a hobby, now it’s like meditation. I love writing, writing keeps me calm. I also like to think about the Creator, who created the earth and the atmosphere. I live in London. Everyone knows that, for Londoners thinking is a luxurious hobby. I am a human, and we make mistakes. For that reason, forgiving is a good deed, and for righteous haven is destiny.

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