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The city atmosphere was very pleasant that day, melodic wind was whispering the rhyme of happiness. Love was evident and lovers were humming with joy. A newcomer got off the bus and while he was looking around, someone called aloud, ‘Anis, you are very late.’
‘Yes mister Rafiq, I am very sorry.’ Anis said as he crossed the road. Rafiq offered him a can of drink and said, ‘I know you are but I was getting worried about you. Now drink the tequila and you will be in high spirit.’
‘You drink it for me, please. I don’t like nightmares.’ Anis said with a silly smile. While opening the restaurant Rafiq said, ‘I was walking on the beach to enjoy the waiting time, but the drowsy oceanic breeze discouraged me. Please say something exciting to encourage me.’
Anis took in a deep breath and said, ‘We do many things for inner peace, we promise to sacrifice, we do yoga, we run in the park. We do many types of mental and physical exercises, but we don’t remember Allah.’
Rafiq…‘I was surprised but now I am worried. They told me you wanted to be a herdsman.’
Anis…‘Yes, I was a herdsman.’
Rafiq…‘You may don’t know but because of you I am very anxious and ill at ease, please say something to raise my spirits. I think you are a mystic.’
‘Life is a blessing, full of bless and happiness. Because of greed, we cry and pray for tomorrow to be peaceful. Sadly, as the sun rises it’s today again and we walk aimlessly. Some are lovelorn, some are lovesick. I know you are lovestruck and I don’t want to be thunderstruck.’ Said as he got the flute out of the bag. Rafiq looked at him with big eyes and said, ‘Wow, what is that?’
Anis…‘Don’t you know?’
Rafiq…‘I know it’s a flute, but what are you doing with it? Please don’t tell me you can play the love tune?’
Anis…‘Yes, I can and the flute is my only crony. We will talk about it later. I know I can’t speak English. Therefore, I will work in the kitchen.’
Rafiq…‘Don’t worry, our customer speaks Bengali.’
Anis…‘What! You are pulling my leg aren’t you?’
Rafiq…‘I was only joking. Anyway, you will know them by their name. Don’t worry about the language. They will teach you in no time. But I am worried.’
Rafiq…‘You sure you can play this bamboo?’
Anis…‘Whenever I close my eyes, I see her engaging body shape, the one I love is staring at me, written on the hem of the sari. Then the drunken air is fragrant with the fragrance of her body, and her illusive beauty illuminates the environment.’
Rafiq…‘Please come down, you are flying too high.’
Anis…‘What are you talking about?’
Rafiq…’Honestly, your dialogue thrilled me. Are you in love with any fairy or are you enchanted by any enchanter?’
Anis…‘I am a loner and whenever I am disheartened or heartbroken I sit lonely and play the flute until I feel happy. Later I will play the love tune. Now can I have a bite, please? I only had a cup of tea for my breakfast.’
Rafiq…‘I also haven’t eaten. I was waiting for you.’
Anis…‘I thank you for not eating. You are very kind.’
Rafiq…‘I know that. Anyway, what took you so long?’
Anis…‘I thought I will never make it. I had to change buses, also I was lost.’
Rafiq…‘I thank Allah for guiding you.’
Anis…‘Yeah, you can say that.’
Rafiq…‘Are you trying to be an illegal immigrant?’
Anis…‘No, I am a migrant.’
Rafiq…‘Then what are you talking about?’
Anis…‘I am trying to be a happy man, that’s all.’
Rafiq…‘Okay, I believe you. Now it’s too late to have a short journey to the nod land. Therefore, you can start playing the flute.’
Anis…‘Do I have to?’
Rafiq…‘You said, you will play it for my curiosity. Believe me I am very curious.’
As he started to play the flute Rafiq looked at him with shock and said, ‘From whom you learnt to play like this? Ya Allah, it’s the mind-numbing tune, that makes the virgin lass restless.’

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© Mohammed Abdulhaque

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