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The love story of a legendary flautist

It is a fictional love story based on reality. The hero and heroine are British. The hero was brought up in Bangladesh and returned to Britain. His favourite hobby is playing the flute in solitude. One morning, the hero was playing the flute on the empty beach. The heroine was picking cowries and was spellbound by the melody of the flute. Later, at first sight, they fall in love, and at the end, they get married and live happily ever after.

A worried passenger walked out of Hastings Station and asked a pedestrian for directions to the Old Town. The pedestrian continued to walk and said… “Not very far. Catch any bus from Havelock Road and you will be there in no time.”
He thanked the pedestrian and kept on walking. The town’s atmosphere was very pleasant. The wind was whispering the rhyme of happiness. Love was evident and lovers were humming with joy. He looked around and saw a bus coming. He hurried to the bus stop and got on the wrong bus. Not knowing where he was going, he sat on the window seat and started to enjoy the view. As the bus stooped, he walked to the driver and said… “Is this the Old Town?”
The driver switched the engine off and replied saying… “You got on the wrong bus and came a long way. You need to go back.”
He thanked the driver, got off the bus and ran across the road. At that time a bus stopped at the bus stop. He got on the bus and said… “Hastings Old Town please.”
While issuing the ticket the driver said… “We will be there on time. Now enjoy the journey.”
He sighed with relief, sat on the window seat and tried to enjoy the picturesque view. As the bus stopped, he got off and someone called aloud… “Mister Ayman, you are very late.”
Ayman started walking towards him and said… “Yes, mister Nadhir, and I am very sorry. Please accept my apologies.”
Nadhir offered him a can of drink and said… “I know you are, but I was getting worried sick. Now drink this and you will be in high spirits.”
Ayman looked around with a happy smile and said… “I don’t need any extra energy and I hate nightmares. I would be extremely happy if you drank it for me.”
At that time, they stood in front of a restaurant. Nadhir opened the door and said as he walked in, “I was walking on the beach to enjoy the waiting time, but the drowsy ocean breeze discouraged me. Please say something exciting to encourage me.”
ayman :.. “We do many things for inner peace. We promise to sacrifice. We do yoga. We run in the park. We do many types of mental and physical exercises, but we don’t remember Allah.”
nadhir :.. “I was surprised, but now I am worried. They told me you wanted to be a herdsman.”
ayman :.. “Yes, I was a herdsman.”
nadhir :.. “You may not know, but because of you, I am very anxious and ill at ease. Please say something to raise my spirits. I think you are a mystic.”
“Life is a blessing and full of bliss, but because of greed, we cry and pray for tomorrow to be prosperous. Sadly, as the sun rises, it’s today again and we walk aimlessly. Some are lovelorn, some are lovesick. I know you are lovestruck and I don’t want to be thunderstruck.” Saying that Ayman got the flute out of the bag. Nadhir looked at him with shock and said… “What is that?”
ayman :.. “Don’t you know?”
nadhir :.. “I know it’s a flute, but what are you doing with it? Please don’t tell me you can play the love tune?”
ayman :.. “Yes, I can and we will talk about it later. As you may know, I can’t speak English. Therefore, I will work in the kitchen.”
nadhir :.. “Don’t worry, our customer speaks Bengali.”
ayman :.. “You are pulling my leg, aren’t you?”
nadhir :.. “I was only joking. Anyway, you will know them by their names. Don’t worry about the language. They will teach you in no time. But I am worried. Are you sure you can play this bamboo?”

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Love novel
Love novel

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My name is Mohammed Abdulhaque. I was born in Bangladesh and brought up in England. I left school at sixteen and started to work. In the beginning, it was only a hobby, now it’s like meditation. I love writing, writing keeps me calm. I also like to think about the Creator, who created the earth and the atmosphere. I live in London. Everyone knows that, for Londoners thinking is a luxurious hobby. I am a human, and we make mistakes. For that reason, forgiving is a good deed, and for righteous haven is destiny.

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