love and patience


If we can’t blame the air and the water for any killing then we can’t blame Islam for anything. Islam is all about purity, safety and prosperity. Many will laugh and say these are ridiculous and impossible. Just think, if we ensure each other’s safety, then injustice and oppression will stop and everyone’s safety will be ensured. To control the cardinal passions for self-purification, steadfastness and devotion are needed. There are eight heavens. Self-improvement is essential to reach the highest. The pious you are, the higher heaven you will get. Therefore If we follow Islam, everyone will benefit, if we laugh, we will be harmed. Islam teaches us humanity, love and patience. Unrighteous people are corrupting religion, they should be punished. The religions that forbid unnecessary tree cutting, followers of that religion can never kill people. The person who kills is no longer a Muslim. For only a hundred years or so we come to earth and go empty-handed. We die fighting to get richer and stronger. It is too late when we realise that we have made lifelong mistakes. If you do not get along with someone, it is better to stay away from them. The Creator sent us into the world for self-purification, not to fight. We have become so foolish that we occupy graves and build buildings.

© Mohammed Abdulhaque

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